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Method 1. Change Personalization settings to restore disappeared desktop background
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Subsequently, a number of programs were released that added wallpaper support for additional image formats and other features, such as the xpmroot program released in as part of fvwm and the xv software released in Windows 3. Due to the widespread use of personal computers , some wallpapers have become immensely recognizable and gained iconic cultural status.

Bliss , the default wallpaper of Microsoft Windows XP has become the most viewed photograph of the s. Some operating systems, such as the Android operating system , provide native support for animated wallpapers.

What’s New in Movavi Photo Editor for PC

Modern Windows systems can be configured to cycle through pictures from a folder at regular intervals. Windows does not natively support animated backgrounds, however, third-party software can be installed to have full support for placing animated images, video files, 2D or 3D scenes and web pages as wallpapers.

Similar functionality could be found in the Active Desktop feature of Windows 98 and later versions. Live wallpapers have been introduced in Android 2. From a technical point of view, live wallpapers are software applications which provide a moving background image and may allow for user interaction or utilize other hardware and software features within the device accelerometer, GPS, network access, etc.

Xbox Wallpapers and Backgrounds | Xbox

Since macOS Mojave , the user can also select a "Dynamic Desktop" that automatically updates to visually match the time of the day. Additionally, macOS has the native ability to run a screen saver on the desktop; in this configuration, the screen saver appears beneath the desktop icons in place of the system wallpaper. However, macOS does not come with a built-in interface to do this; it must be done through Terminal commands or various third-party applications. Dynamically animated backgrounds have also been introduced in iOS 7 and later versions, however they are restricted to the ones provided by Apple.

Jailbroken iOS devices can download other dynamic backgrounds.

GNOME 2 also can be set to cycle through pictures from a folder at regular intervals, similarly to Windows 7. All of these pictures are captured and edited by the professionals. These photos are a great inspiration for the people who truly love the winter season and want to stay inspired by setting it as a wallpaper. Learn how I went from a corporate employee to owning my own freelance business and blog. Looking for hosting? WPEngine offers secure managed WordPress hosting. Start Your Own Freelance Business! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Comments are now closed on this post. You may also like.

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How to Organize Your Desktop. Best Tutorials for Creating Photoshop Wallpapers. Awesome Backgrounds for Web Design Inspiration. The 50 Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials from Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Corporate businessmen shaking hands Save Save Remove Delete. This photo was assembled from three black and white negatives by the Image Processing Lab at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Man using a mobile screen mockup Save Save Remove Delete. Twentieth Century Transportation, a chromolithograph by E.

S Yate. Original from Library of Congress. Torn grunge paper with ripped edge background Save Save Remove Delete. Boys playing video games together Save Save Remove Delete. Closeup of hands using a keyboard Save Save Remove Delete. Dark purple stock trading infographic template design vector Save Save Remove Delete.

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Kids enjoying blowing bubble outdoors Save Save Remove Delete. Small and big hands doing a high five Save Save Remove Delete. Businesswoman motivating her team members in a meeting Save Save Remove Delete. Group of diverse people attending startup business course Save Save Remove Delete. Caucasian woman on the phone Save Save Remove Delete. Hands holding mobile phone of movies theatre media entertainment Save Save Remove Delete. Gold on a grunge background Save Save Remove Delete. Sale template banner set vector Save Save Remove Delete.

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Hubble Nets a Subtle Swarm. Golden framed vintage logo vector Save Save Remove Delete. Construction worker working outdoors with the project Save Save Remove Delete. Customer care webpage interface word Save Save Remove Delete. Close up of a groom with a boutonniere Save Save Remove Delete.

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Closeup of x-ray film of a fractured finger Save Save Remove Delete. Foliage dreams leaf patterned frame vector Save Save Remove Delete. A young man using his mobile phone Save Save Remove Delete. View of a snowy mountain range Save Save Remove Delete. White and gray marble background vector Save Save Remove Delete. Portrait of a kid Save Save Remove Delete.