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How helpful do you find the information on this page?

If this is your first license or your license is expired, make sure you submit your license application and fee no later than six months after you submit the fingerprint card and fee or you will be required to submit a new card and fee. If your license is currently valid and you have never submitted fingerprints as a part of any previous application for a Kansas certificate or license, submit your fingerprint card and fee at the time you submit your next license application.

Fill out the card: Complete name including aliases, maiden, previous married , mailing address, social security number, citizenship, and personal information sex, race, height, weight, eyes, hair, place of birth, date of birth. Cards with missing or incomplete information will be rejected. Have your prints taken: A qualified law enforcement officer or properly trained school personnel must take your fingerprints Contact your law enforcement agency before you go!

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Take at least one form of picture identification with you. Some law enforcement agencies may charge a fee to take your prints. Sign the card in front of the officer taking your prints. Digital prints are accepted as long as they are in the FD format. Do not combine the background fee and the application fee. He had bruises on his genitals and has been showing behavior of it. He is only two years old. The last time this happened they mysteriously have no record of the completed tasks that my husband did even though he has copies and proof of it. If anyone has any suggestions please e-mail me at hmdecock yahoo.

We are at the end of our rope trying to figure out a way to get the baby back from the state before they give him back to her again. If you have any suggestions, again, please let me know. The problems arose years ago. We have been down every avenue to get the help my sister needed for alcoholism and the state of Kansas absolutely turned a blind eye, as well as a deaf ear to our repeated pleas for help. She has been hospitalized nearly a dozen times for pancreatic problems and once she was stable they would admit her into detox, then place her in rehab.

All of this she was complying with, but within days she would leave the treatment facility ADA. My sister was widowed in Her husband committed suicide and she received death benefits for herself and her two children. The oldest child and myself along with a close family friend stepped in to care for the youngest child while their mother tried to get sober.

We went to the SSA to have a different payee put in place because while the oldest child cared for her sister, the benefits were still being sent to her mother and not used to provide for the child. So we went to the SRS and spoke with a case worker, she was of absolutely no help! They briefly opened an investigation and soon after made a onetime walk through of her home and closed the file! We were told we had to submit letters to the court detailing our concerns and reasons for the need of this action to be taken. Again, we submitted the letters and absolutely nothing was done, nor were we contacted by the office as to a court date,or anything.

We called several times only to reach a voice mail or a secretary. All of this has transpired over the past two years.

My niece has provided a good home for her little sister,maintained a steady job, and continued to stay in college with good grades. She will graduate in May. She has protected her sister and done the right selfless thing most young adults would never even consider. Like I said we tried to notify the so called child protective services on many levels and were ignored.

Even the local law enforcement has dropped the ball several times. All they would do was go to her home and pretty much make sure was still breathing!! They could not commit her for psychiatric evaluation unless they personally heard her say she was going to harm herself. There was even one instance of her been found in the middle of the street face down on the pavement passed out cold behind her running vehicle and all they did was transport her to the station, called our father and her oldest daughter to please come pick her up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No charges were filed. Then she received a charge for driving on suspended licence. Another charge of attempting to assault an officer or resisting arrest. After that she did complete a treatment program and was nearly 70 days sober, however, things got serious when she was facing a 90 day jail sentence. Now, after this nearly two year constant struggle to get her placed in long term treatment and a facility to address the mental issues underlying her alcoholism she willingly agreed to be admitted to enter a state mental hospital.

It seemed she was on the right tract, and after her release they placed her in a sober living house. Things were actually looking hopeful. Returning to court for her sentencing she received 2 days in jail and was allowed to serve the remainder of her time on house arrest. This was yet another failure of the system!!! She had constant issues with the ankle bracelet monitoring device. The battery failed one more than one occasion, she basically went where she pleased with no repercussions from her PO. I contacted local and county law enforcement because she was so wasted and AGAIN threatening suicide.

I was just passed from one clown to another. I even wrote a letter to this man informing him of her relapse and asking why she has been allowed to be non-compliant with the terms set in place by the courts. Just last week my niece called me frantic because her sister was taken out of school and to the SRS.


Kansas and T.F.I Losing Lawsuits | PCjustice's Weblog

Thank God our close family friend , who has helped care for her was who she was place with. So they told her that she had to make it suitable and they would come to inspect it.

She complied and her roommates all passed a background check. Now she is back with her sister but TFI has imposed extensive rules and regulations that are completely out of control. We all met with TFI for the first meeting and my sister was on conference call during it. The case worker was insisting that they work with their agency for the next year to do the family re-integration process. She was against my sister agreeing to designate her oldest daughter as temporary guardian of her younger daughter, even going so far as to inform my sister that if she did make that choice she would NEVER be able to regain it.

I was not only furious but this woman went through this meeting so fast and she was so threatening. She then went on to tell my sister that she could not just sign a paper and give temporary guardianship to her daughter, but that because she was in states custody she would have to obtain a lawyer and the courts would have the final say!!!!!!! I want to request an investigation as to why they even removed my niece to begin with,and why after nearly two years of doing nothing have they all the sudden decided to play God and take these uncalled for actions.

Something has to be done! If anyone can help please respond ASAP!

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Have 3 girls. They got. I see everyweek I lifted Hannah hair bug bites everywhere my baby sick and was also sick last week nice and this. About ten years ago,SRS took custody of treetop of my children. There was no family preservation attemps and during my BATTLE to get them back,SRS and the courts violated or rights such as, FAILING to inform us of our right to an attorney, they took them based on allegations of emotional abuse staying my husband and i were fighting in front of them, which there was no factual evidence of only the word of my then, 12 year old daughter, they did not notify or allow my husband to see our attend the initial hearing, they ordered me to leave or home and allowed me inky 15 min to gather my two youngest children and our things then put a no contact order between us, they took my son,.

NO more TFI… They lost their contract with the state due to being such a poor organization, such as not doing reintegration as they should have, allowing young unskilled workers with no children take charge of families with children, being clueless as to the emotional abuse that children recieve when taken from their parents ect. I hope the governor will see that unskilled workers with no life experience is costing the state more money than if they would pay skilled workers.

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Francis and KVC…. There is no more TFI but sadly those people now work for the agencies that have the new contracts. Nobody lost their jobs. These people will continue to terrorize families under a new contract agency. FDor some reason this truly does not surprise me this is Kansas and the systems way of saying that they dont give a crap what we think say or vote for they are gonna do what they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that didnt work out she was moved to another foster home where the older girls there pierced her belly button shes 12 it got infected she was never taken to a doctor for the infection. If i did that it would be medical neglect and child endangerment. The judge whos related to her grandfather by marriage requised his self from the case after she was removed from her grandfathers.

TFI wouldnt give an explation why she was removed. A police officer had her handcuffed to a chair playing and no one would do anything about that either. A broken window and 5 cock roaches that came from the house across the street when it was sprayed for bugs. So if ur attorney acts like they work for tfi please contact the bar association and file a report and contact ur state representitive. Even though I passed all back ground checks and my children to we were still denied visitation. Also, they have had our son placed on several different medications, one advertised on television about giving boys female breasts!

My son is 3years old.