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What’s the Purpose of Temporary Child Custody?
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In Missouri, there has been a major movement towards alternative dispute resolution especially regarding parenting issues, such as custody and visitation. You will have to go to mediation if you cannot agree on a parenting plan; if the court thinks it is necessary or will be helpful, you will have to continue mediating separate issues. If you quarrel over parenting issues, a guardian ad litem will be appointed for your children to represent their interests. The parties share the cost of all these extra services, so you are well advised to try to agree from the start or you will end up spending thousands of dollars on professionals who will then make recommendations to the court about how your children should spend their lives.

Meanwhile, your children will become pawns in your fight, and might end up hating both of you. Pick your fights carefully.

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If you hire an attorney, make sure the attorney practices in the county where you live. That county's court rules will dictate some of the proceedings, and an experienced attorney will know which forms to file by when. If you decide not to hire an attorney, you will be responsible for knowing and following state and county rules for divorce actions. There is no need for one spouse to blame the other or tell the court what caused the marriage to end.

Temporary Residence, Custody and Support Arrangements | Saint Charles Divorce Lawyers

You or your spouse must have been a resident of the state of Missouri for at least 90 days before you can file a petition for dissolution. This is called the "residency requirement". The other spouse prepares and files a legal document called an "answer. The answer must be filed no later than 30 days after the petition is served. If the other spouse doesn't file an answer, he or she is technically in default.

How Can I Establish Temporary Child Custody?

This means that the court could enter a default judgment granting the dissolution. However, you can't get a money judgment against a person in default.

Also, the court is likely to set aside the default if the other spouse requests it. It depends on which county has your case, whether there are children, what kind of debts and property you have, and so forth. Instead, Missouri family law courts divide marital property by equitable distribution, which means they will distribute marital property between spouses in whatever way they believe is equitable fair , but not necessarily equally.

When making decisions about property division, the court takes certain factors into consideration, including:.

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Even under this system though, courts will generally make an equal division, unless there are compelling reasons not to do that. Not so long ago, husbands were routinely ordered to pay alimony. These days, what we used to call "alimony" is now called "maintenance" in Missouri, and it is not as easy to get. If you pass that test, then the court considers ten factors to decide on the amount of maintenance:.

Missouri Divorce

See Understanding and Calculating Alimony in Missouri to learn more. Missouri law favors joint custody, in which the parents share major decisions and each has significant although not necessary equal time with the child. There is a long, complex and important scheme for determining child custody in Missouri, set forth in Section You would be wise to have a local Missouri attorney, skilled and competent in custody matters, to assist you in developing and advocating a parenting plan that the judge assigned to your case will accept.

Child support is calculated through the use of a mathematical equation that takes into account the parents' income, how much time each parent spends with the child, the child's needs, and other factors. See Child Support Laws in Missouri to learn more about how child support is calculated. The fact that a parent sends his or her child or children to a home school, as defined in section Petition for permission to adopt, venue, jurisdiction — no denial or delay in placement of child based on residence or domicile — expedited placement, when.

Any person desiring to adopt another person as his or her child shall petition the juvenile division of the circuit court of the county in which:. A petition to adopt shall not be dismissed or denied on the grounds that the petitioner is not domiciled or does not reside in any of the venues set forth in subdivision 2 , 3 or 4 of subsection 1 of this section. If the person sought to be adopted is a child who is under the prior and continuing jurisdiction of a court pursuant to the provision of chapter , any person desiring to adopt such person as his or her child shall petition the juvenile division of the circuit court which has jurisdiction over the child for permission to adopt such person as his or her child.

Upon receipt of a motion from the petitioner and consent of the receiving court, the juvenile division of the circuit court which has jurisdiction over the child may transfer jurisdiction to the juvenile division of a circuit court within any of the alternative venues set forth in subsection 1 of this section. If the petitioner has a spouse living and competent to join in the petition, such spouse may join therein, and in such case the adoption shall be by them jointly. If such a spouse does not join the petition the court in its discretion may, after a hearing, order such joinder, and if such order is not complied with may dismiss the petition.

Upon receipt of a properly filed petition, a court, as defined in this section, shall hear such petition in a timely fashion. A court or any child-placing agency shall not deny or delay the placement of a child for adoption when an approved family is available, regardless of the approved family's residence or domicile. The court shall expedite the placement of a child for adoption pursuant to subsection 3 of this section. A licensed child-placing agency may file a petition for transfer of custody if a birth parent consents in writing by power of attorney for placement of a minor child, a consent to adoption, or any other document which evidences a desire to place the child with the licensed child-placing agency for the purposes of transfer of custody of the child to the licensed child-placing agency.

The Missouri Divorce Process

The written consent obtained from the birth parent shall strictly comply with section Family support division established — duties, powers — rules, procedure. There is established within the department of social services the "Family Support Division" to administer the state plan for child support enforcement.

The duty pursuant to the state plan to litigate or prosecute support actions shall be performed by the appropriate prosecuting attorney, or other attorney pursuant to a cooperative agreement with the department. On many occasions you can ask your attorney or private investigator to do a records search for you. It usually depends on which county in Missouri your case is filed in, whether there are children involved, what kind of real estate, businesses, debts and personal property you both have, and so forth.

Some courts in Missouri will issue a blanket form order. Some other courts will wait for a one of the spouses to request these blanket orders to be filed. As with everything involved in dissolution proceedings, local Missouri state rules will dictate exactly how and when you obtain a court date, so make sure to check your Missouri county dissolution of marriage rules. If it is determined that it can be settled, one of the sides, either you or your spouse will draft up a proposed settlement agreement and send it to the spouse for review. When the courts make decisions about property separating and division, they take a lot of factors into consideration when determining this, including:.

Even under this type of legal system though, the Missouri courts will a lot of times generally make an equal division of property and assets, unless they see overwhelming and compelling reasons not to do this. In the past it was very common for husbands to routinely pay alimony. These days however, what was once called "alimony" is now routinely called "maintenance" in the state of Missouri, and is not as easy to obtain.

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In Missouri there is a threshold test that a spouse has to meet to obtain maintenance. This is the criteria:The spouse must:. In Missouri if you pass the threshold test, then the Missouri court will take into consideration ten factors in order to decide on the amount of maintenance a spouse will get:. Missouri dissolution of marriage laws favor joint custody, in which both parents share major life decisions and each spouse has significant but sometimes not always equal time to spend with the children. There is a complex and important scheme for determining child custody in Missouri, set forth in Section It would be advised to have an experienced local Missouri attorney such as Alterie Gilmore LLP ,that is skilled and competent in child custody cases, to help assist you in working up and advocating a good parenting plan that the Missouri judge assigned to your dissolution case will accept.

Missouri child support is calculated through a mathematical equation that takes into account the both parents' income, how much time both parents spend with the children, the child's wants, needs, and a few other factors. One thing that is very important not to forget about dissolution of marriage and divorce is that at one time you loved your spouse, and especially, if you have a child or children together, you most definitely love your children.

Be very clear and proactive about your parental rights and the rights that your children have as well.