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  1. Socialites Talita von Furstenberg and her cousin Princess Olympia of Greece enjoy a Greek holiday
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Time 1 hour if we have your record. What to do Order online from VitalChek. Order online. We will mail you a copy of your birth certificate in 5 to 10 business days. The birth certificate must be for someone: born in San Francisco born after over 3 years old The person applying must bring an unexpired government-issued photo ID. Office of the County Clerk Room 1 Dr. Fill out the form Download the PDF and fill out your details. Get your statement notarized Take your form to a notary public and have it notarized.

City Hall Room I Benham. It waa promptly pointed out by P. McCarthy that all of the unions composing the Labor Council were represented in the convention and a great many more besides, and that organised labor sitting in convention bad no bigger business on hand than seelng to it tbat tbe anti-injunction bill should not be crippled.

By an overwhelming vote Mr. Livernash waa requested to keep the floor at his pleasure. Thereupon he told of the conditions at Sacramento, expressed bis personal friendship for Mea rs. Macarthur and Wisler and bis appreciation of tbeir service and ended by suggesting that the labor unions of San Francisco might with advantage free the case of the possibility of tbe Labor Council's resolution being distorted by rif signing legislators.

Delegate Jones, who happens to be a City Hall politician of the Gavin McNab persuasion, with an unconquerable propensity to talk nonsense, followed Mr. Livernash in a rambling appeil for inaction, but he was interrupted from all sides and in tbe end tCoatlaeed na Page 4.

Colama 5. Charles L. T yesterday by filing in the Supreme Court of New York a complaint accusing the representatives of the Fair estate, with whom they made a settlement, of fraud and deceit in order to induce Mrs. Fair's relatives to accept a small part of the property, left by the young million- Their attorneys declare their atre. Tbe fight for tbe millions left by Charles L.

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Fair and his wife, who were killed by an accident in France on August 14th last, began in earnest to-day. Fair in a suit against Mrs. Hermann Oelrichs and Mrs.

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  4. Vanderbilt Jr. Second, lis pendenB or order forbidding Its sale or transfer waa filed against the property at. Oelrichs and Mrs. Vander bilt. Fair had died before her hiiBband, and therefore they were really entitled to nothing beyond the provisions of Mrs. It la alleged also In the complaint tbat the plaiutiffa are In poaseaMlon of facta to prove that Mrs. Fair survived her husband by at least twenty minute and that her relatives are, therefore, entitled to all of the ini-niense etate. But though the papers are voluminous they do not contain the full story as told by Lawyers James E.

    Chandler and H.

    Socialites Talita von Furstenberg and her cousin Princess Olympia of Greece enjoy a Greek holiday

    Paradoxical as it may seem a most laughable point in the case is a most Intangible child a mythical girl of Ave the suggestion of whose existence brought about the hasty settlement. As to the proofs of the priority of Charles L. Fair's death, Lawyer Chandler refuses to say more than that be has such proofs. Beekman said yester day: I went to France In December and pent a month there, golua over the around of the accident out carefully, 1 have elKht reputable witnesses whose testimony will settle the question of priority of death.

    There Is no doubt that Mrs. Fair survived her husband by from twenty to thirty minutes.

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    We do not know yet what the other side will do, and we will not try our case in the papers by making public the evidence as to tbe difference In the time of deaths. No autopsy was made on tbe bodies of Mr. The -testimony of the chauffeur is not important. Fair were killed occurred on a Thursday at 2 p. At 5 o'clock next morning Mrs.

    Nelson, the mother of Mrs. Fair, received a telegram from Joseph Harvey of San Francisco, expressing sympathy for her In her bereavement, reminding her of the close friendship between himtielf and the Fairs and urging Mrs.

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    Nelson to come to San Francisco at once to become administratrix of the estate. In tbie Harvey offered to assume the responsibility of administration if she desired, and to it was attached a message- from Charles S. Neal, general manager of tbe James G.

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    Fair estate, recommending Harvey's appointment. Other telegrams followed in rapid succession and on tbe following Sunday Mrs. Nelson and her son Abe left for San 'Francisco. They bad been warned by Harvey not to speak ot tbe case to outsiders and to telegraph tbe time of their expected arrival. Harvey frequently cautioned tbe son Abe' against Neal, who he said wa so closely allied with tbe Fair family thatbe would naturally work against their Interests. The walla were covered with pictures of young Mrs.

    Fair, which greatly affected Mrs.

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    Smith of Boulder, Col. Nelson by her first husband and full brother of Mrs. Fair, had arrived in Sau Francisco tbe day before. Fair began their fight for millions ability to prove that Mrs. Fair sur- ' MRS. Oelrichs, who was there. There were daily bouquets for old Mrs. Nelson and Mr. OelrlchB placed a carriage at her disposal. Nelson and her sons were bewildered at the attentions showered upon them. When Mrs. Harvey urged upon the old lady the Importance of a settlement with the Fair family Mrs. Nelson was greatly impressed. Nelson waa much impressed.

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    Nelson and her sons had been assured tbat cablegrams from France settled beyond all doubt the fact that Mrs. Fair had died before her husband and that therefore I she and her children would get only what was given them bv Mrs. Fair's will. Several t imes she suggested that she should cable to France herself, but Harvey objected to such useless expenditure of money.

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    Nelson and ber sons went to Neal's office. Holmes was there and Mr. Oelrichs dropped in, but after inquiring about Mrs. Nelson's health he left. Nelson,' said Neal, 'how much of the estate do you think you are entitle to? Nelson thought that as there might still be some doubt as to tbe priority of death she was willing to compromise for one-half tbe estate. Nelson remained obdurate. Abe told his mother and she grew ill fretting over it. Tbey were told that a man had started for New York to bring back such a child, and although none of them really knew of -such a child, the fear of it worked on Mrs.