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The career field of computer science has consistently ranked toward the top in job satisfaction and salary over the last 20 years. We are also one of the few two year colleges that offer this program. Many different types of database systems are used by virtually every kind of organization, resulting in a growing number of employment opportunities as a database manager.

Court of Appeals Opinions

Informatics thinks big picture, building strong technical skills as well as understanding how we use technology to communicate and solve interdisciplinary problems facing society. This program is loaded with field certifications and lots of internship opportunities with active partners in order to help you better yourself for the future! The field of Server Administration is expanding quickly and so has the demand for people with this degree. For those that are tech savvy, this is a program that will help you reach your potential.

The demand for individuals that have a degree in Software Development continues to grow just as the available technology does. This is a program that will have many options upon graduation, including advancement in a current job. Visual Communications offers an arena with a variety of creative and technical career opportunities.

Students who are set to become professionals in visual communications have the skills that will give them control over their futures. Accounting jobs pay very well and are in-demand. When you graduate you will be able to go right into the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution.

Teri Mitchell in Missouri

The Business Administration program at Ivy Tech puts students directly in real-life scenarios and actual business situations and simulations to ensure students gain valuable job skills through a quality education. As an Office Administrator you can be working in a career named one of the top Hoosier Hot 50 jobs, leading to a great future for you. We are one of the few colleges in the state to offer this comprehensive program, and as a graduate you will be in high demand with our certifications.

If you want to start a business, or run yours more effectively, the Entrepreneurship program will help you avoid costly mistakes. The sky is the limit with Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech! Supply Chain and Logistics are two of the biggest industries in the state of Indiana.

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The Criminal Justice program gives students the opportunity to work with professionals in the fields including SWAT teams and other tactical teams through our Emergency Response Training Labs. The Early Childhood Education program focuses on early child growth and development including adult-child relationships. Emphasis is placed on the development of skills and techniques for providing appropriate environments and care for young children.

Our Environmental Design students typically have jobs at the time of graduation, and are well connected to their professional and local community. Careers in emergency preparedness and response and environmental health and safety are in demand and are an important part to the well-being of our community. Students learn how to listen, interview and provide feedback, and are prepared to further their education as future social workers and counselors! Students who are interested in the law in any capacity would benefit from the Paralegal Studies program.


You will learn the substantive nature of the law, as well as how to transfer that knowledge into the skills needed to be successful in the legal profession. Are you the type who likes to help people and has a curiosity that thrives on helping them find the answers to questions or takes an interest in new media, technology or the internet? Then our Library Technical Assistant program might be for you. Funeral service is a human services profession. As a professional in the field, you will aid families in coordinating meaningful services related to their loss. Disclaimer: Wage data taken from U.

Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Get Directions. Admission, Registration and other assistance available through part-time site coordinator. Limited Degree Offerings; Admission, Registration and other assistance available through site coordinator. Crawfordsville, IN First Avenue Evansville, IN Anthony Blvd.

Fort Wayne, IN Morgan St. Kokomo, IN Creasy Lane Lafayette, IN Commerce Drive Marion, IN High Street Muncie, IN Noblesville, IN Richmond, IN Ivy Tech Community College prepares you for a high-demand career that you can get into quickly, or provides an affordable path to earn your bachelor's degree. Toggle navigation Bail Bond Search. The detention center opened in and replaced the former jail which was located on the 3rd floor of the Johnson County Courthouse.

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The detention center is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was designed to house 54 inmates, both males and females, on felony and misdemeanor charges.

Inmates are held for all agencies within Johnson County and any other agency requesting housing, if available. Inmates sentenced to the Arkansas Department of Corrections are housed until they are ready to be transported. Cahoone, Donna - Teacher, Mathematics. Camelo, Jim - Social Worker. Carrier, Park - Teacher Mathematics. Catena, Alexandra - Teacher English. Clark, Jared - Teacher, Social Studies. Cleary, Linda - Teacher, Mathematics.

danardono.com.or.id/libraries/2020-06-13/piqec-cellphone-monitoring-software.php Cohen, Stephanie - Teacher, Reading. Cory, Colleen -Teacher, Art. Cramer, Deb - Teacher, Mathematics. Cristiani, Mark - Teacher, Physical Education. Curtis, Jessica - Teacher, Spanish. DeMarco, Jewell - Teacher, English. Deonanan, Jason - Technology Support Professional.

Desrosiers, George - Teacher, Math. Dinatale, Thomas - Teacher, Spanish.

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Dirks, Debbie - Media Specialist. Douglas, John - Teacher, Science. Dubbert, Andy - Director of Bands. Evans, Terri- Teacher, Social Studies. Faubel, Daniel - Teacher Science. Field, Michelle - Teacher, Social Studies. Fincel, Serena - Autism Aide. Finley, Maureen - Teacher, Engineering. Fitz, Karyn - Teacher, Hope. Ford, Jimmy- Library Media Aide. Fraraccio, Rudy- Teacher, Science. Frey, Lisabeth - Teacher, Math. Fuller, Bernice- Truancy Officer. Fulmer, Michele - Guidance Secretary. Garcia-Morris, Wanda - Childcare Aide. Guino, Elizabeth - Teacher Social Studies. Halbert, Becky- Counselor Mc-R.

Hamblin, Karen - Freshman Transition. Hamill Michelle - Teacher, Math. Harris, Jeffrey- Behavior Specialist. Harvey, Michael - Teacher, English. Hawthorne, Robert- Para-Aide. Hazuda, Steve - Teacher, English. Heintz, Rebecca - Teacher, Mathematics.

Video Rendering of New Johnson County Courthouse

Hernandez, Ashley - Teacher Mathematics. Hervig, John - Teacher, Science. Holderbach, Brad- Teacher, Social Studies. Housh, Molly - Registrar. Howard, Ken- Campus Security. Hubbard, Consue'la - In School Suspension.