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Public Health Services Office of Vital Records. Contact Us.

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Out of Hospital Birth Check List. Certificates can be purchased in person at our office or through the mail. Please see below for detailed instructions.

OCTax Talk - Hon. Hugh Nguyen, OC Clerk-Recorder

Any citizens who plan to get married in the City of Irvine, or who are residents of the County of Orange, and plan to marry within this state, can apply for a marriage license through the Orange County Clerk-Recorder. For information, or to apply for a marriage license, call Passports A U.

Death Records

Passport is required for any U. For more information, call Irvine Residents Irvine Employers. Send a link Contact Us.

Powered by. His friends said he was driving a Jeep and a mine blew up and killed him.

Birth, Death & Marriage Records

Embassy in Saigon at the time and now lives in Irvine. Instead, they found a new life when the U. Embassy offered to evacuate his aunt and her family to Southern California. On April 28, — two days before the fall — Nguyen, his sister, three aunts and grandparents arrived at Tan Son Nhat Airport, ready to fly out. His mother stayed behind and remained in Vietnam for several years.

It was chaotic.

Orange County (CA) Death Certificates | Order Records - VitalChek

That night, the family heard bombs explode. The next morning, they heard shelling and saw wounded soldiers.

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No more planes were leaving. Their only hope was to try to squeeze on a helicopter.

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These days, he oversees a staff of and wears a pressed suit and tie. But when his family arrived at Camp Pendleton, they wore hand-me-down clothes and lived in tents.

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He made lots of friends. At 22, he married his high school sweetheart after attending Santa Ana College. Soon after, they had their first of two children.