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So far this has remained true. The mouse may need to remain still for a specified amount of time to initiate some actions. Codec most commonly used for digital music online. Generic term for any digital music file, regardless of codec used to create or play it. The MRC performs audits of Internet measurements as well as traditional media measurements. A generic industry acronym for a cable TV system operator; more correctly, any cable network operator with more than one cable TV system.

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The NAI provides consumers with explanations of Internet advertising practices and how they affect both consumers and the Internet. See networkadvertising. Netiquette —. Only a handful of newsgroups permit the posting of advertising. No n qu a li fying page impressions —. See frames. See privacyalliance.

See online- publishers. See permission marketing. OTS Opportunity to See —.

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A page may contain text, images, and other online elements. It may be static or dynamically generated. It may be made up of multiple frames or screens, but should contain a designated primary object which, when loaded, is counted as the entire page. Note: this is not measurable today; the best approximation today is provided by page displays. See CPC.

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See CPM. For example, an advertiser might pay for every visitor that clicked on an ad or site and successfully completed a form. See CPL. See CPS. Files with a. Individuals sharing files via P2P do not necessarily know one another, rather applications like BitTorrent manage file transmissions from those who have part or all of the file to those who want it. See opt-in. Cookies that remain a client hard drive until they expire as determined by the website that set them or are deleted by the end user.

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See password. The metric used to indicate the size of Internet ads. See understandingprivacy. Once installed, plug-in applications are recognized by the browser and their function integrated into the main HTML file being presented. Pop-under ads are concealed until the top window is closed, moved, resized or minimized.

Similar to a daughter window, but without an associated banner. Continues while content is simultaneously being rendered. Depending primarily on line-speed, play of a transitional ad may finish before or after content rendering is completed. It typically provides services such as search, directory of Web sites, news, weather, e-mail, homepage space, stock quotes, sports news, entertainment, telephone directory information, area maps, and chat or message boards.

See Preroll and Midroll.

LEGO Overwatch Tracer vs. Widowmaker 75970 Building Set

See cache, caching. See Postroll and Midroll. Protocols determine how data are transmitted between computing devices and over networks. They define issues such as error control and data compression methods. The protocol determines the following: type of error checking to be used, data compression method if any , how the sending device will indicate that it has finished a message and how the receiving device will indicate that it has received the message.

Proxy servers hold the most commonly and recently used content from the Web for users in order to provide quicker access and to. Publisher- an individual or organization that prepares, issues, and disseminates. Push advertising — pro-active, partial screen, dynamic advertisement which comes in various formats.

OVERWATCH fans will be able to check out the Anniversary event from May 22 onwards.

In some cases, the process of re- directs can produce latency. See ad serving, latency. When one chats in a chat room, or sends an instant message, one is interacting in real time.

Also known as source of a visit. Sites use registration data to enable or enhance targeting of content and ads. Registration can be required or voluntary. These advertisements can be used either singularly or in combination with various technologies, including but not limited to sound, video, or Flash, and with programming languages such as Java, Javascript, and DHTML. These Guidelines cover standard Web applications including e-mail, static e. RON Run-of-Network —.

The advertiser usually forgoes premium positioning in exchange for more advertising weight at a lower CPM. RSS Readers are software programs or websites that enable users to subscribe to one or more RSS feeds, delivering content and information from multiple sources into a single user interface and environment.

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Search categories include:. The more a marketer pays, the higher the position it gets. Marketers only pay when a user clicks on the text link. Con textual search— text links appear in an article based on the context of. Site optimization— modifies a site to make it easier for search engines to automatically index the site and hopefully result in better placement in results. The method for finding this information is usually done by maintaining an index of Web resources that can be queried for the keywords or concepts entered by the user.

For organizations using a server-initiated ad counting method, counting. The browser usually sets up a unique request that is recorded and stored electronically for future reference. Examples are: requests for the automated delivery of e-mail newsletters, the request for Web content based on a specific search criteria determined by the user, or setting up a personalized Web page that customizes the information delivered to the user based on pre-determined self selections.

Through this open connection the server continues to. If a user makes no request from a site during a 30 minute period of time, the next content or ad request would then constitute the beginning of a new visit; 2 a series of transactions. See visit. These are temporary and are erased when the browser exits at the end of a web surfing session. See cookie. Shopping bot —. Skins are a type of marketing tool. It is similar to slotting allowances charged by retailers. The different types of cards being used today are contact, contactless and combination cards.

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  • Contact smart cards must be inserted into a smart card reader. These cards have a contact plate on the face which makes an electrical connector for reads and writes to and from the chip when inserted into the reader.

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    Contactless smart cards have an antenna coil, as well as a chip embedded within the card. The internal antenna allows for communication and power with a receiving antenna at the transaction point to transfer information. Close proximity is required for such transactions, which can decrease transaction time while increasing convenience. A combination card functions as both a contact and contactless smart card. Specific to interactive television, the viewer can insert smart cards into the set-top box to trigger the box to decrypt contact programming.

    An online destination that gives users a chance to connect with one or more groups of friends, facilitating sharing of content, news, and information among them. Examples of social networks include Facebook and LinkedIn. There can be multiple spaces on a single page. Spiders are used to feed pages to search engines.