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Our agents work exclusively for Purplebricks and have developed strong local networks of motivated buyers and sellers. A qualified local agent is always available to speak with you about buying or selling with Purplebricks, with no obligation and no pressure. Send us a note or ask a question and we'll reply right away.

Local Property Appraisal and Tax Information

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We're proud to carry an "Excellent" rating on Trustpilot for our independently verified positive reviews. Looking for your dream home? Find the correct office. Each town or municipality should make property tax information public. To find the correct office, call city hall. In the U. Click on your state or enter your zip code. Gather helpful information. In some offices, you can search by a range of addresses, e. Most searches will not recognize the street type, such as Ave. The parcel number.

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This number might be on the deed or another document and is often the most effective way to search. Keep in mind that some addresses may have more than one parcel. Search for tax records. You might be able to search a computer or you might need to look in books. Ask someone at the office to help you find what you are looking for.

Since property tax records are public, staff should be willing to help. The county website may not allow you to search using the owner's name. If you find the property, though, the owner's name will generally appear in the record, allowing you to verify that you have the correct property. If you know the street name but not the property's street numbers, you may still be able to search by inputting the street name and looking through the resulting records until you find the corresponding owner's name.

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Review the information contained in the record. The property tax record should contain the total tax assessed, the assessed value of the land and any buildings, and any exemptions. The tax record may change if a sale is significantly higher than the last sold value. It may also change if the tax is being reduced due to entitled classes of people who own the property, such as senior citizens or a disabled individual. Method 2. Identify the county where the land is located. In the Unites States, deeds are recorded in county offices, so you first need to identify the county where the property is located.

State of the art office building on Dublin’s Pembroke Row due for completion this year

Find out the name of the owner. Visit the appropriate county office. Deeds are kept in the county Recorder of Deeds office. This office might go by another name, such as Register of Deeds or Commissioner of Deeds. Find the appropriate office by looking in your phone book or stopping into your county or city office. Ask where you need to go.

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Many counties now provide their records online. Search for the deed. Watch Now.

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